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Albania Flags
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Communist Era Albanian Flag (1946 - 1992)
Kingdom of Albania Flag (1939 - 1943)
Albanian Kingdom Flag (1928- 1939)
Albania Republic Flag (1925- 1928)
Principality of Albania Flag (1914- 1925)
Albania Provisional Government Flag 1912-1914
Albanian Occupation Flag - Ottoman Empire 1473
15th Century Albania Skanderbeg Coat of Arms Flag

History of Albania Flags

Over the years Albania has had many difference flag designs and many different governmental structures. We've written a blog article on the History of Albania Flags. On this page we've included a breakdown.

15th Century Albania Flag

The first recorded flag of Albania dates back to the 15th century during the reign of George Kastrioti Skanderbeg, a national hero who led the resistance against the Ottoman Empire. Skanderbeg's flag consisted of a red background with a black, double-headed eagle in the center, symbolizing bravery, strength, and independence. This flag became a powerful emblem of Albanian identity and resistance against foreign invaders.

Ottoman Empire Occupation

This is the longest period of time that any one flag has flown over Albania and it was of the Ottoman Empire during its occupation of Albania. We've included it in this collection.

Post-Ottoman Period through World War Two

This period of time was marked mostly by similarly designed flags pulling from the 15th century Skanderbeg flag. There were multiple gov't types during this period and thus many flag changes

Post WW2 Communist Era Albania

This period marks the longest single flag style that is purely an Albanian Flag. From 1946 - 1992 Albania flew this flag.

Though the country went through multiple name changes during that period, the flag design remained the same

Albania's Modern Day Flag

The modern day albania flag has been in use since 1992 and features the same double-eagle that was featured all way back 15th century with skanderbeg's resistance movement. This is certainly one of most recognizable flags in the world today.