How to Properly Display The American Flag

Did you know that the United States has rules and regulations for how to properly display the American Flag? That's right, the U.S. Code actually has laws about how to properly display your American flag. This article will teach you the ins and outs.

Special Flag Displaying Considerations

Inclement Weather: The U.S. Flag should not be flown in inclement weather unless it is an all-weather American flag.

Night Time Flag Flying: If you're going to fly your flag at night, it needs to be properly illuminated

National Mourning: when there is a time of national mourning, you should fly your flag at half mast, or if your flag is not on a large pole, but off of your house, you'll want to use a mourning strip on your pole.

When to Fly Your American Flag

The American Flag can be flown every day, but it is especially called for in the following circumstances:

New Year's Day

Easter Sunday  Constitution Day
Inauguration Day Armed Forces Day Columbus Day
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday Memorial Day Navy Day
Lincoln's Birthday Flag Day Veterans Day
President's Day Independence Day Thanksgiving
National Vietnam War Veterans Day National Korean War Veterans Day Christmas Day
Labor Day


How to Display Your Flag Properly In Different Circumstances

From your Front Porch: On a pole with the union (the blue star field) at the peak of the flag pole.

Flag from front porch
Against a Wall or on a Window:  Make sure that the union (the blue star field) is in the upper left corner.
On your Car:  Place the flag on the pole to the passenger side of the vehicle either magnetically on the front of your car or in the passenger side front window.
With Another Flag: Place the U.S. Flag to the farthest left when facing the flag. Nothing should be to the flag's own right.

How to Properly Store Your Flag

The flag should be folded properly in the triangle shape with the blue star field showing. You may put it in a display case or a rain cover case. The flag should never touch the floor.

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