Internal Halyard Wire Flag Arrangement

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Sizes 2x3 ft - 6x10 ft Flags

Flag Arrangements are constructed of stainless steel aircraft cable with two (2) copper crimps securing stainless steel yokes at each cable termination point. A Stainless Steel Swivel, two (2) Stainless Steel Flagsnaps, and two (2) Stainless Steel Connecting Links complete the assembly.

Sizes 8x12 ft+ Flags

Heavy-Duty Flag Arrangements incorporate a Shock Spring Assembly into our standard Flag Arrangement. Containing a Shock Spring, Shock Spring Safety Cable and additional Stainless Steel Connecting Link, this heavy-duty design for larger flag sizes reduces the strain placed on both halyard components and flags.

Select your assembly based on the size of the flag you want to fly from your pole.

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