French Royal Standard Flag

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The French Royal Standard Flag comes printed on all weather 200 denier Nylon and is made in the USA. These flags are made to order.

This flag features gold fleur de lis on a field of white with the royal seal of the King of France during the time of the American Revolution.

This flag comes in sizes 12x18 in - 5x8ft.

History of the French Royal Standard Flag:

The French Royal Standard Flag was the flag of the Kingdom of France during the time of the American Revolution. French involvement in the American Revolutionary War of 1775–1783 began in 1776 when the Kingdom of France secretly shipped supplies to the Continental Army of the Thirteen Colonies when it was established in June 1775. France was a long-term historical rival with the Kingdom of Great Britain, from which the Colonies were attempting to separate.

A Treaty of Alliance between the French and the Continental Army followed in 1778, which led to French money, matériel and troops being sent to the United States. 

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