External Halyard Stationary Truck

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There are many options available in these trucks. We have included only the trucks that will work for the flagpoles that we have for sale on our website. However, if you'd like to discuss all options available please contact us.

Cap Style Single Stationary Truck

• Cast Aluminum Body.
• Aluminum Pulley on Stainless Steel Axle. Nylon Pulley on Stainless Steel Axle available in sizes to 3″.
• 1/2″-13NC Top Drilling (5/8″-11NC Available).
• Recommended Halyard Diameter – 5/16″.
• Stainless Steel Set Screws (3) on sizes to 3-1/2″ or Stainless Steel Bolts (3) on sizes 4″ and larger are provided.

Which Should I Get: Nylon or Aluminum Pulley?

The choice comes down to this: If you are in an area that gets a fair amount of high wind and inclement weather, go with the aluminum pulley. The Nylon pulley will work in most situations if you're trying to save money. However, if you have to change out your truck because the pulley breaks, then you have to get all the way up to the top of the pole to fix it. You'd have to do the same if the aluminum breaks, it's just more durable than Nylon.

Which Size do I need?

If you bought your pole from us, and it's the ESS series available on our website. The 15 ft and 20 ft poles use a 2-inch truck. Every other size requires a 3-inch truck.

If you're not sure which pole you have, and you bought it from us, contact us and we can help you determine the best version to get.

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