Easton Flag

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The Easton flag comes printed on all weather 200 denier Nylon and is made in the USA. These flags are made to order. This flag comes in sizes 12x18 in - 5x8 ft.

History of the Easton Flag

According to local legend, the flag was hoisted when the Declaration of Independence was publicly read in Easton, Pennsylvania by Robert Levers on July 8, 1776, two days before a copy of the Declaration reached New York City.

The flag was used as a company flag under Captain Abraham Horn in the War of 1812, and some suspect that the design may only date from this era. This is considered unlikely by some, as flags would have had 15 stars and stripes in 1814. The flag was given in 1821 to the Easton library for safe-keeping when the company returned. The Easton Area Public Library still holds the flag.

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