Dutch Republic Flag

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The Dutch Republic Flag comes printed on all weather 200 denier Nylon and is made in the USA. These flags are made to order.

This flag was the official flag of the Dutch republic during the American Revolution. Similar to the present day Netherlands flag, this flag has a lighter blue at the bottom than today's standard flag for the country of the Netherlands.

This flag comes in sizes 12x18 in - 5x8 ft.

History of the Netherlands (Dutch Republic) Flag:

The Dutch Republic Flag was the official flag of the Netherlands during the American Revolution. The American Revolution placed the Dutch Republic in a precarious position. Dutch merchants maintained decades-long relationships with American colleagues and sent war material as early as 1774. Word of American ships full of gunpowder, muskets, and cannonballs moored in Dutch Harbors outraged the British, and the Dutch Estates General (the governing body) quickly placed a (limited) moratorium on such transactions. 

The Dutch government could not afford to support the American Revolution, but Dutch merchants could (and did). The British became increasingly frustrated with Dutch “neutrality” after France joined the American Revolutionary cause in 1778. Britain finally declared war on their former trading partner when the Netherlands joined the League of Armed Neutrality in December 1780.

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