Berber (Amazigh) Flag

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The Amazigh/Berber Flag comes printed on all weather 200 denier Nylon and is made in the USA. These flags are made to order.

History of the Amazigh/Berber Flag:

The Berber flag is a flag that has been adopted by many Berber populations including protestors, cultural and political activists. It is currently used by Berber political and cultural activists and organizations in 10 African countries, namely: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Egypt and the Canary Islands.

The flag was inaugurated in Wadya, a town of Kabylia situated in Tizi Ouzou, a province of Algeria, by an elder Algerian Kabylian veteran, Youcef Medkour.

Each colour corresponds to an aspect of Tamazgha, the territory inhabited by the Berbers in North Africa:

  • Blue represents the sea.
  • Green represents the Tell and the north of Tamazgha.
  • Yellow represents the vastness of the desert.
  • The red of the letter Z (ⵣ in Tifinagh) represents the freedom of the Imazighen.

The Berber flag thus symbolizes the entire Amazigh people, living in harmony with their land, Tamazgha.

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