ST-1 Series Flag Pole Trucks

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Color: Silver
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ST-1 Series Flag Pole Trucks for external halyard flagpoles, cap onto the top of your flagpole and are stationary (non-rotating) single-pulley (for one rope) flag pole trucks.

These are made of cast aluminum with a nylon hard plastic pulley and are tightened to the pole with a stainless steel set screw. These will fit all standard sized flag pole ornaments.

Select the proper size by the top-diameter (outside diameter) of your flagpole. Comes in multiple sizes and finished colors.

Additional Details:

  • Construction: cast aluminum
  • Ornaments*: accepts spindle threading of 1/2"-13NC. Secured by 1 stainless steel pan head screw (size 10-32)
  • Truck: secured by 1 stainless steel set screw (size 1/4"-20NC)
  • Max halyard diameter: 1/4"
  • Pulley: 1" outside diameter cast nylon on 3/16" stainless steel axle

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