Our Dedication to Quality American Made Products

Quality American Made Products

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the finest American made products on the market. In a time where many products are being manufactured outside of the United States, we have chosen to work with companies that are dedicated to making quality, long lasting products right here in the USA.

Annin Flag Makers, is the oldest and largest flag manufacturer in the world and is headquartered in South Boston, VA. Nearly all of Annin's products are made right in the United States. Every single American Flag that Annin sells is manufacturered in the USA. They are proud members of the Flag Manufacturers Association of America.

Approximately 85% of our products are manufacturered in the United States, all of the products that we purchase are purchased from companies that have established and run their business in the United States.

Going the Extra Mile

One example of our dedication to American made products can be found in our search for quality American made American Flag Lapel pins. For nearly 6 years, there wasn't an American Flag Lapel pin company in the United States who was able to have a comparable price to foreign competitors. We contacted nearly 50 companies in search of the right product for our customers and finally found the perfect American manufacturer.

Since bringing these USA Made Flag Lapel Pins into our store the US Made Lapel pin has outsold the foreign made lapel pins 7 to 1!


Have questions? Please contact us at 1-800-797-3524 we'd be happy to discuss our products with you.

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